5 Reasons You Should Let Your Kid Major in Music

Majoring in music won’t lead to a stable career.

Music school is a waste of time.

Can’t youtube teach you the same thing?

How are you going to make money? A living? Support yourself?


These are all things that I have heard and experienced when I told people that I wanted to go to college to pursue a degree in music. It’s not the most encouraging thing to hear as a dreaming and newly graduated 18 year old. However, back in 2016 when I auditioned at Belmont University to pursue a Bachelors of Music, I had by my side the most supportive parents. Instead of these negative remarks, my parents said “You want to major in music? Fantastic. Let’s schedule you an audition.” Now, it is 2020 and I have one semester and an internship to go to complete my Bachelor’s of Music in Music Therapy. And let me tell you. These four years have been the most valuable years of learning and experience in my life. I have listed my top 5 reasons on why YOU should not only allow, but ENCOURAGE your student to go to college for music.

1. A degree in music can lead to MANY different careers

  • Music Performance (Commerical or Classical)

  • Music Education

  • Audio Technology and Recording

  • Music Business

  • Music Therapy *

  • Music Composition

  • Songwriting

  • Music Theory

  • Pedagogy

  • Musical Theatre

  • Church Music

  • And many more!

So much for that “what are you going to do with a music degree” question. As you can see, there are SO MANY OPTIONS!

*what I’m getting my degree in! See our blog “What is Music Therapy?” coming June 15th

2. A degree in music reaches far beyond what any single teacher or youtube video could provide.

A degree in music encompasses a variety of things, all of which expand a students knowledge, understanding, and comprehension of music. Courses that every music major takes include

  • Music Theory (1 - 4)

  • Aural Skills (1-4)

  • Music History

  • Digital Musicianship

  • Private lessons (on primary instrument)

  • Secondary instrument lessons

  • Ensembles

  • Basic Conducting

  • Plus many more major-specific courses

Trust me when I say that YouTube will NEVER get you to understand music theory 4 like a great professor can.

3. Contrary to belief, music school is extremely challenging.

I don’t include this point to scare you. Instead, I include it to em