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{junior voice + guitar instructor}

Hey, y’all! I’m Kiara, like “tiara,” Mullins, and I'm a junior instructor at Destiny Voice and Music Studio in Mansfield! I was born and raised in Arlington, Texas - Home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers!


Growing up, music has always been in the air. From my dad strumming out oldies on his guitar to my mom blasting 80s songs on the car radio to my grandparents exposing me to Elvis - I found what I loved: music! I started my music journey at 8-years-old with guitar lessons at The Guitar Studio of Arlington. Unfortunately, after five years of being a student at GSA, my instructor, Brian Lacy, unexpectedly passed away in his early 30s. It was a rough patch in my life where I gave up on music until I realized that I wanted to dedicate my music journey to his memory. 


That’s when I discovered Destiny Studio. 


At the age of 13, I resumed taking guitar and voice lessons at Destiny Studio, and it rekindled my love and passion for music. The studio and its encouraging coaches helped me develop skillsets and confidence. I even participated in Spotlight Society, an artist development program started by the studio in 2018. Soon enough, I evolved into an independent music artist, and the DWF metroplex became my stage! I have had the opportunity to perform at festivals, competitions, open mics, private, civic, and school events. Also, I have had the honor of making the 2020-21 Texas All-State Choir, winning Martin Idol 2020 (my school's highly regarded talent show) as a sophomore, and singing the National Anthem at the AT&T Stadium and Globe Life Field.


I have been influenced by a range of artists such as Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, Shania Twain, Harry Styles, and more. But my greatest influence is my dad because he introduced me to the magical world of music. Recently, I was offered the opportunity to create an E.P. with Luke and Shelby Johnson (former Destiny coaches/mentors). So far, I have released two singles, “Teenagers” and “People Pleaser”. These songs have been a dream to make and release, and I can’t wait to release the whole project. (So keep a lookout for future music and performances at *wink, wink*)


As I continue growing in my own music journey, I strive to help others grow in theirs. Destiny has taught me so much in the past and now I have the pleasure to give back by sharing my knowledge. Music can be challenging but teachers and mentors make all the difference. As I teach, I aim to be the biggest supporter of my students. 


Outside of music, I participate in AISD/Martin’s competitive archery team. We are two-time State Champions (not including years past)! Also, I’m a HUGE Dr Pepper fanatic!

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