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{guitar + drum instructor}

Hello! My name is Jared Orozco. I started learning drums and guitar at age 11 but have always had a passion for music since birth. I’ve played for churches since age 13, played in bands for almost as long and am currently writing and performing as a solo act.


I am a lover of all music as I find something fascinating in all genres which helps me connect with more people. In my free time when I’m not working on music I’m either reading or watching a lot of movies and shows. 

In middle school I had an amazing drum teacher who taught me almost everything I know today. He impacted me deeply and I am excited to pass on the same passion for drums and guitar to all of my students. In my work as a musician, I have acquired many different techniques over the years that I know I can use to help them grow.

I am confident that with persistence, you can do anything. My motto is “If I can do it, then so can you”.

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