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{junior guitar instructor}

James Dolloff, born and raised in Mansfield, has been with the studio for 7 years! He started off as a student when he was 9 years old, and now he's a beloved Junior Guitar Instructor at just 16 years old.

James has performed as a solo act as well as in multiple bands playing a wide variety of genres. James always pushes himself to connect with those around him and always cares deeply about the people in his life.


With years of experience writing, performing, recording, and most importantly, learning, James is always ready to face whatever challenges lay in front of him and his friends. 


James loves all kinds of music, but his favorites would have to be towards rock and metal. Bands like Metallica, Polyphia, and Remo Drive are some of his biggest inspirations. He’s also dabbled quite a bit in classical, country, and alternative music.

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