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{drum instructor}

Hi, my name is Eli Saenz! I am very passionate about the drums and have have been playing since I could hold a pair of sticks. Throughout high school I was part of the drum line who medaled in the state marching competition. I was also the lead drummer for my Jazz band, who was invited to play for the International Midwest Conference in Chicago, as well as the TMEA state competition. I am currently the drummer for my church worship team.


I love playing all types of genres as well as listening to, and learning from great drummers. In the near future I plan to continue to pursue music production and performance to expand my musical knowledge. Throughout my school career I took private lessons from the great Jazz drummer Stockton Helbing. My teachers were instrumental in motivating me to love and learn the power of music. I plan to share my experiences and love for music with my students.

Some hobbies that I enjoy other than playing the drums include watching movies, playing and watching basketball, and collecting records. 

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