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{music therapist + voice coach}

Hey hey hey! My name is Dannielle! I grew up just down the road in Midlothian, TX and completed my degree in Music Therapy at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. After course completion, I was required to complete a 6-month clinical music therapy internship which I completed at Children’s Health in Dallas, TX. I am now a board certified music therapist (MT-BC) and am thrilled to work with kids and teens! 


Music has always been a huge part of my life, soundtracking all of the big and small moments. From singing “Our Song” by Taylor Swift in my elementary school talent show, to singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as Dorothy in my high school musical, to singing “Where You Lead, I Will Follow” by Carole King with my a cappella group in college, to singing “You Are My Sunshine” every single day to NICU babies during my music therapy internship. I believe music has such an important impact on every person’s life, hugely influencing the way I approach music therapy and teaching. 
Through pursuing my degree at Belmont University, not only did I gain all necessary tools to be a music therapist, but I also gained extensive vocal training, both classically and commercially.
During my internship, I worked with all kids and their families; from babies in the NICU to adolescents and teens on the psychiatry unit. My experiences and passions have led me to pursue opening a music therapy practice with Destiny Studio, working with kids of all ages to better their health and wellness.
Additionally, throughout my degree, I have continued to pursue songwriting and performance, which led me to release my EP “High School Sweethearts” in 2020.
Music not only has become my job, but it has become my hobby and favorite self-care activity, making teaching and practicing music therapy the perfect balance in my career.

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