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Stocking Stuffers

for your musician

Christmas is on it's way! If you're looking for oonnee more tthhiinngg for your loved ones stockings - consider these goodies :) Descriptions below!

14. Piano 

Key Stickers



1. Guitar Capo

Easily transpose songs to new keys without having to change chord shapes. An essential tool for both acoustic and electric guitar players.

2. Variety pick pack

Guitar players always need picks! Picks come in all shapes and sizes. This season give your guitarist the gift of getting to try a variety of picks to help them find their preference.


3. Guitar Fret Wrap

Tired of unwanted string noise when learning a solo or lead line? Fret wraps help mute open strings when playing melodic lines so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting an open string. Fret wraps come in multiple colors to match any look you are going for. They are a great gift for electric guitar players because they are practical and they look cool.


4. Guitar tuner

Inexpensive and essential gift that helps students keep their guitar in tune. They are small enough to fit in any gig bag or case and are easier and more accurate to use than tuning from an app.


5. Electric Guitar Strings

Guitars need new strings every couple of months. Save your guitarist a trip to the store and get them some new electric guitar strings.

6. Acoustic Guitar Strings 

Guitars need new strings every couple of months. Save your guitarist a trip to the store and get them some new acoustic guitar strings.

7. Music stand

Save your student the neck ache of having to place their music in awkward angles. Get them a music stand so they don’t have to compromise posture to see their music. It can be tough to find a nice music stand that isn’t flimsy, but this stand is high quality and one that we personally use. It also can collapse for easy storage. 

8. Sustain pedal

Sustain pedals are an essential tool for any keyboard player. It allows the player to hold notes with their foot allowing them to move their hands without stopping the sound. It’s a great gift for your keyboard student if they don’t already have one.

9. Music Clips
Is your student tired of trying to play and keep their music book open at the same time? Music clips are a great gift for students of any instrument who are learning with a book.


10. Dexterity Strengthener 
Playing an instruments is all about finger strength. This is a great tool that allows your player to safely strengthen their fingers. This grip has adjustable tension and is great for any level of experience on any instrument.


11. Music Folder 
Help your student get rid of crumbled up papers and keep their music organized. This folder contains slips to insert pages of music to keep them organized and easily accessible.

12. Songwriters Pocket Rhyming Book
A great resource to have near you when writing songs! It's a remedy to writers block and a resource for creativity. 

13. Fun Microphone

For the vocalist! Work on stage presence without the hassle of a large speaker and cables! This one is bluetooth so you can connect it to your phone and play instrumental tracks! Instant At-Home Concert! 

14. Piano Key Stickers

For the beginner! These stickers are the perfect tool to help your little one remember the names of each key and help them recognize them on the grand staff.

15. Fun socks

Because why not!


16. Drum Stick Muters
You’re welcome!