With the advancement of technology it is a cool time to be a guitar player! In this class you will learn about various types of guitar gear such as amps, pedals, and pickups. We will discuss different types of electric guitars, as well as how to dial them into an amp. You will learn about the difference between digital, tube, solid state amplifiers and amp modelers. We will also talk about how to build and dial in a pedalboard while showing you what types of pedals are used to make some of your favorite music. Students will also get to try out many of these items for themselves and will be shown how to use them in musical situations. Feel free to bring your gear (the more the merrier!).


 (Topics Covered)

  • Types of Electric guitars
  • Pickups
  • How to use your pick up selector 
  • Tube, Digital, and Solid State Amps 
  • Amp Modelers 
  • How to EQ an amp and dial in your tone
  • Types of pedals
  • Loopers
  • How to build a pedal board 
  • What pedals are used in various genres
  • Various pedal brands (affordable-upscale)
  • How to play using pedals
  • Various Electric guitar tips and tricks

Guitar Workshop