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Classical, Contemporary, Creative - Oh My!

Here at Destiny Studio, we teach every single genre of music. Whether it’s classical, contemporary, or creative! We do not discriminate, and our talented instructors are trained in all types of music! But what’s the difference between the three? How do you know which type of music your student will be interested in learning? I am here to break it down for you and help you recognize the difference so you help your student (or you!) decide which style they are more interested in learning.

Ready. Set. Go!


Classical music is defined by google as “serious or conventional music following long-established principles rather than folk, jazz, or popular tradition.” Classical music is what your instincts tell you it is. Bach, Beethoven, Wolfgang, Chopin, Handel, etc. In the context of Destiny Studio, classical music looks like the music taught through our piano books, or songs from operas that our vocalists may be working on. Many of our teachers are classically trained and know SO MUCH about classical music. Feel free to ask any of our instructors and quiz them on what they remember from music history ;) CONTEMPORARY

Contemporary or commercial music, according to google, “refers to non-classical music. This term encompasses jazz, pop, blues, soul, country, folk, and rock styles.” Commercial music is everything that classical is not, and it includes a TON of different genres of music! In the context of Destiny Studio, commercial music is what the majority of our students enjoy learning. Whether it’s a vocalist learning a Taylor Swift song, a drummer learning an AC/DC song, or a guitarist working on their favorite Beatles song, we teach every genre of commercial music that there is. CREATIVE Creative music is more of a learning style than it is a genre. Google can't really define what it is, because well - it's kind of something we made up. Just kidding - the creative learning style as been around since FOREVER - that's how we get artists from Madonna to Tyler The Creator. The creative learning style is comprised of songwriting and digital musicianship. In other words, some people learn music through exploring it from a "hands on" approach. You're probably thinking.. isn't learning music all "hands on" - Yes! But this is more of a dive head first kind of thing by learning music theory and standard techniques while writing a song, producing it, and performing it.

Whether our instructors are working on classical, commercial, or creative music with their students, rest assured that no matter the genre, they (our instructors) are effectively teaching the fundamentals of music that your student will need know in order to be a successful musician.

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