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Established in 2009, Destiny Studio is a place where talents are stretched and dreams are realized.

Destiny Studio began when studio owner, Sarah Darby, moved back from Nashville to be closer to home. Sarah needed a job and since she had her degree in commercial music she thought, "Hey - I could do this for a bit until I land on my feet!", so she started teaching voice lessons out of a vacant bedroom in her Mom's house. Little did she know that she would begin to dream beyond those four walls.

Fast forward a few years, Sarah moved into the location where Destiny Studio currently resides and hired a few more teachers for guitar and piano. Since then, the studio has grown tremendously and has impacted more people than Sarah could ever imagine.


Present day, Destiny Studio staffs over 10 amazing instructors and offers a wide variety of services that cater to the creative of every age. The Studio grew from a place to receive a private voice lesson to a home for artists to practice their skill and gain confidence in a safe, nurturing, and encouraging space.


Est. 2009

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