{Aledo Schedule Coordinator}

Hey y’all, Erin Johnston here! I was born in Dallas Texas, raised in Mansfield Texas and currently reside in Aledo Texas.


I have had a passion for music ever since I can remember. It was my 6th grade choir teacher who allowed me to fall in love with singing and performing - that is also when I met Sarah Darby. I began my musical journey by taking vocal and guitar lessons here at Destiny Studio and I do not regret it one bit. 


In addition to being a singer, I am also passionate about songwriting. The genre I preformed was mainly country music. My vocal lessons and guitar lessons have helped me get my foot in the door to many open mic nights across the DFW, which eventually allowed me to gain public exposure at venues such as Billy Bob’s Texas, Stage Coach Ballroom and many other venues throughout Texas. I have had the opportunity to open shows for Curtis Grimes, Steve Helms, Mark McKinney and many more. I even had the opportunity to play CMA Fest in Nashville in 2016, which was an amazing experience!


I am a recent college graduate from the University of North Texas with my B.B.A in Marketing - I found my love of marketing through music. In addition, I am also a model with Wallflower Manegment. I guess you could say I have have a huge passion for arts & entertainment!


My free time mostly consists of unnecessary Target runs, taking my Aussie to the dog park and occasional concerts! I love the outdoors and am always up for a challenging new adventure.


I look forward to bringing awareness to the Aledo and surrounding communities about Destiny Studio. I can’t wait to see your confidence look good on you :)